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Organic GreenFix
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4426 Indianola Ave
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How long do the smoothies last?
Our smoothies last about 4-6 days in the fridge. You may also freeze them for up to six months.

Do you deliver?
Yes! We offer a $5 delivery service right to your doorstep. Delivery occurs once a week on Wednesdays.

How much is the Cleanse?
$45 per day. All cleanses are personalized after consulting with you to fit your health journey needs.

Why glass bottles?
Glass bottles minimize flavor transfer and are naturally BPA-free! Glass bottles do not contribute to harming the environment and are easily reused, re-purposed, and more. Our small (12 oz and 16 oz) cups are not glass, however, they are biodegradable.

Why do you blend smoothies instead of juicing?
Blending allows us to include all the nutritious parts of the vegetables and fruit. Like juicing, blending increases the bioavailability of the nutrients and makes is much more convenient to consume large amounts of healthy vegetables without cooking away the goodness.
Unlike juicing, however, our smoothies contain whole, unprocessed produce. This is especially noticeable with the increased fibre content of our smoothie— leaving you with a more satisfying beverage and a lower glycemic load, along with more vitamins and minerals!
Additionally, blending is much less wasteful than juicing since we use all edible parts of the produce, helping to reduce food waste and environmental impact.

How much sugar is in GreenFix?
We do not add any sweeteners or sugar to our smoothies. The sweetness comes from natural sugars that occur in the fruit and vegetables we blend.

How do I order GreenFix?
For GreenFix orders less than 2 gallons in volume, there is no need to order ahead. Just stop by our production kitchen and we are happy to blend you up a fresh batch of GreenFix to order! For larger orders (including catering requests), please call us at 740-404-9423 or drop us a line at

Why is GreenFix so thick?
GreenFix is a blended smoothie rather than a juice. The increased fibre content creates the thicker texture.

Who should drink GreenFix?
Everyone! Young and old. We believe in the healing benefits of daily consumption of healthy veggies and fruits. Try it and experience the benefits for yourself!

Is Greenfix raw?
All of our solid ingredients, including the greens, root vegetables, and fruit, are raw and unpasteurized. The apple juice we blend into our Original smoothie is organic and unfiltered, but pasteurized.

What health benefits do your smoothies offer?
Drinking GreenFix offers an array of health benefits. Expect to experience increased energy and vitality, better digestion, and healthier-looking skin and hair/nails. If your diet, like most Americans, is lacking in certain nutrients, the addition of GreenFix can give a significant boost to your day.

My blend is separating — is it still okay to drink?
Definitely. Separation will happen naturally due to the lack of stabilizers and emulsifiers in our product. Just shake your GreenFix before consuming for the best taste.

What makes Organic GreenFix different from other juice companies?
The blending is the key. There are juice companies that have a vegetable base, but the missing pulp takes away ton of nutrition. We create a smoothie rather than a juice. When you blend you get all the vitamins and nutrients from the pulp, not to mention the increased satiety from the vegetable fibre!

Where can I find nutritional information? Search: "Organic GreenFix"

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